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The Biography

Mustafa Ali

Sculptor, born in Latakia, Syria in 1956

BFA, Faculty of Fine Arts, Carrara, Italy (1996)
BFA, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Damascus, Syria, with an excellence degree (1979)
Graduate of the Applied Arts Center, Syrian Ministry of Culture (1977)
Graduate of the Plastic Arts Center, Syrian Ministry of Culture (1974)

Positions and memberships
Founder and owner of Gallery Mustafa Ali, which supports the Syrian art movement on local and international levels, especially young artists
Chairman of Al Makan Art Association, which is a Syrian civil society organization working in art and culture
Member of the Higher Committee for Acquisitions at the Syrian Ministry of Culture
Member of the Syndicate of Fine Arts, Syria
Member of the Arab Plastic Artists Union

First prize for competition held by the Arab World Institute in Paris on the occasion of its 25th birthday, which included implementing an artwork on its roof in 2008
Winner if EMAAR's International Art Symposium's prize (2007)
Golden Prize, Latakia Biennale (1997)
Bronze Prize, Sharjah Biennale (1992)
Designed the prize for Damascus Cinema Festival
The Public Palace, Damascus Syria
The National Museum, Syria
The Ministry of Culture, Syria
The Contemporary Art Museum, Jordan
Sharjah Museum, UAE
The Spanish Royal Palace
The Arab World Institute in Paris

The Damascene Sword at the Omayyad's Square, Damascus, Syria (collective work with artist Ihsan Intabi)
The Gate of Syria for Mediterranean Olympics, Pari, Italy
Tower of Memory, Damascus International Fairgrounds

Solo exhibitions
Gallery Dahab / Beirut / 2013
Gallery Ayyam, Damascus, 2011
Spark-shell, Damascus, 2004
Kawaf Gallery, Aleppo, 2003
Al Qabbani Theatre, Damascus, 2003
Fayrouz Gallery, Bahrain, 2000
Shoura Gallery, Damascus, 1999, 1993
Alice Bogabgab Gallery, Beirut 1998, 1995
Baladna Art Gallery, Jordan, 1996, 1993
(First bronze sculpture exhibition in Syria), Ashtar Gallery, Damascus, 1988

Collective exhibitions
Exhibition Collective / Kozah Art Gallery / 2014
Exhibition Collective / mark hachem Gallery / 2014
Exhibition with Farouk Guendakja / Jeddah / 2013
Exhibition with Nazir Ismail in Doha, 2011
Dar Al Assad for Arts and Culture (Damascus Opera House), 2010
The Syrian National Museum, 2009
Exhibition with Nazeer Ismail and Amal Melhem titled "Sirca, Contemporary Syrian Art",
Courtyard Gallery, Dubai, 2008
Graz, Austria, 2007
Istanbul, Turkey, 2006
Europe Art Exhibition, Geneva 2006, 2002
Dar Al Baath, Damascus 2006
Dar Kalemat, Aleppo, 2005
Greece, 2005
Tamer Henneh Gallery, Damascus 2005
Uruk Gallery, Damascus, 2005
Dual exhibition with Abdul Latif Al Smoud, Majlis Gallery, Dubai, 2005, 2002, 1998, 1996
Dual exhibition with Nazir Ismail, Maisaa Shehabi Gallery, Damascus, 2004
Arab World Festival, Montreal, 2004
Syrian Cultural Week, London, 2004
Al Rewaq Gallery, Bahrain, 2004
Theatre of Life Exhibition, the French Cultural Center, Damascus, 2003
Exhibition organized by UNHCR at Al Assad National Library, Damascus, 2003
Intellectual Exercises in Art and Painting- Responses and Diversifications, with four artists, Attasi Gallery, Damascus, 2002
Art SUD Exhibition, Paris, 2002
From Washington to Damascus, the American Cultural Center, Damascus, 2002, 2000
Spark-shell, Damascus, 2001, 1997
Chairs exhibition, Meridian Hotel, Damascus, 2000
Exhibition with Fateh Al Moudarres and Drouyer at Ashtar Gallery, Damascus, 1998
Dual exhibition with Abdul Latif Al Smoudi, Casablanca, 1997
Ebla Al Sham Hotel, Damascus, 1996
Shahba Al Sham Hotel, Aleppo 1994
Dual exhibition with Issam Darwish at the French Cultural Center, Damascus, 1993
Memoriam exhibition to artist Nazir Shoura at Ashtar Gallery, Damascus, 1992
Exhibition with Shireen Al Malla, Baladna Gallery, Amman, 1992
With group of Syrian artists at Orviette, Italy
La Sponda Gallery, Rome
Gallery Bilad Al Sham, Aleppo, 1989

Participations in international symposiums
Biennale Aomm / france / 2014
Sculpture Symposium in Sweida, Syria, 2010
Dialogue between Generations Sculpture Symposium, Damascus, 2010
Beijing Biennale, 2009
EMMAR International Art Symposium, Damascus, 2007
International Sculpture Symposium, Amman, 2006
Imagine the Book Biennale, Alexandria, 2005
JEEM International Sculpture Symposium, Latakia, 2004
Al Mahabba Festival for Sculpture, Latakia, 2002, 1998, 1997
International Sculpture Symposium, Valencia, Spain, 2001
The First and Second Symposiums for Sculpture, Damascus, 1998, 1997
Cairo Biennale, 1996
Latakia Biennale, 1997, 1995
Alexandria Biennale, 1994
The First International Sculpture Symposium in Rashana, Lebanon, 1994
Sharjah Biennale, 1997, 1995, 1993, 1992
International Sculpture Symposium in the Open Air, Berlin, 198

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